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Additional Information Yokohama GEOLANDAR X-CV

The GEOLANDAR X-CV was built from the ground up with technological advances to take on today's luxury sport crossovers and give you exactly what you are looking for - optimized all-season performance with powerful wet braking all with a refined, quiet ride.


  • With a belt package specifically constructed for the luxury compact crossover and SUV, the GEOLANDAR X-CV provides precise handling and stability
  • Specially designed tread pattern with wide circumferential grooves and a combination of 2D and 3D sipes provide confident traction on wet roads
  • The staggered five-pitch block variation reduces pattern and road noise for a smooth and quiet ride
  • A wider footprint and new Advanced Silica Compound promote long-lasting, even wear


Part NumberSizeLoad IndexOutside DiameterSidewallSpeed RatingWarranty MileageWarranty Type
110157027235/60R1810729.1Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
110157001255/55R1810929Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
110133717255/65R1811131.1Black SidewallH50k - 75kMileage
110133715265/70R1811632.6Black SidewallT50k - 75kMileage
110157002235/45R199927.3Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
110157003235/55R1910529.2Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
110157004255/50R1910729Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
110157005255/55R1911130Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
110157006265/50R1911029.4Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
110157029275/50R1911229.8Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
110157007275/55R1911130.9Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
110157008235/45R2010028.3Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
110157028235/50R2010429.3Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
110157024245/45R2010328.7Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
110157009255/45R2010529Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
110157010255/50R2010930Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
110157011255/55R2011031Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
110133718255/55R2010731Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
110157012265/45R2010829.4Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
110157013265/50R2011130.4Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
110193397265/55R2011331.5Black SidewallV50k - 75kMileage
110133716265/60R2011232.5Black SidewallH50k - 75kMileage
110157014275/40R2010628.7Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
110157015275/45R2011029.7Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
110157016275/50R2011330.8Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
110157025285/45R2011230.1Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
110157026295/40R2011029.3Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
110157031265/40R2110529.3Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
110157017265/45R2110430.4Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
110157018275/40R2110729.7Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
110157019275/45R2111030.7Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
110157020295/35R2110729.1Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
110157021295/40R2111130.3Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
110157022265/40R2210630.3Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage
110157023275/40R2210830.7Black SidewallW50k - 75kMileage

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